Francis Beeding
John Leslie Palmer [1885-1944] &
Hilary Aidan St. George Saunders [1898-1951]
Professor Kreutzemark, in Switzerland and Spain:

The Seven Sleepers (1925)

The Hidden Kingdom (1927)

Alistair Granby, a Colonel, later General, in the British Intelligence Service in England and occasionally on the Continent:

The Six Proud Walkers (1928)

Five Flamboys (1929)

Pretty Sinister (1929)

The Four Armourers (1930)

League of Discontent (1930)

Take It Crooked (1932)

The Two Undertakers1 (1933)

The One Sane Man (1934)

The Eight Crooked Trenches (1936)
APA: Coffin for One (1943)

Nine Waxed Faces (1936)

The Erring Under-Secretary (1937) [novella]

Hell Let Loose1 (1937)

The Black Arrows (1938)

The Ten Holy Horrors (1939)

Not a Bad Show (1940)
APA: The Secret Weapon (1940)

Eleven Were Brave (1941)

Twelve Disguises (1942)

There Are Thirteen (1946)

Wilkins, a police inspector, in England:

Death Walks in Eastrepps (1931)

Murder Intended (1932)

George Martin, a police inspector, in England:

The Norwich Victims (1935)

No Fury (1937)
APA: Murdered: One By One (1937)

He Could Not Have Slipped (1939)


The Little White Hag (1926)

The House of Dr. Edwardes (1927)
APA: Spellbound (1945)

The Three Fishers1 (1931)

Murder Intended (1932)

The Emerald Clasp (1933)

Mr. Bobadil (1934)
APA: The Street of the Serpents (1934)

Death in Four Letters (1935)

The Norwich Victims (1935)

Love Lies Bleeding (1937)

The Big Fish (1938)
APA: Heads Off at Midnight (1938)

He Could Not Have Slipped! (1939)

John Palmer & Hilary Saunders writing as David Pilgrim
James de la Cloche in the 1600s:

No Common Glory (1941)

The Grand Design (1944)

John Palmer & Hilary Saunders writing as David Pilgrim

The Emperor’s Servant (1946) [SS]

Written by Hilary Saunders:

The Sleeping Bacchus (1951)

Hilary Saunders & Geoffrey Dennis, writing as Barum Browne:

The Devil and X.Y.Z. (1931)

Hilary Saunders & John deVere Loder, writing as Cornelius Cofyn:

The Death-Riders (1935)

Written by John Palmer:

Mandragora (1940)
APA: The Man with Two Names (1940)

John Palmer writing as Christopher Haddon:

Under the Long Barrow (1939)
APA: The Man in the Purple Gown (1939)

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