James Scott Bell
Kathleen Shannon, moving from New York to live with her rich aunt and pursuing a legal career, in 1903 Los Angeles, California, in the Shannon Saga trilogy with a Christian theme [written with Tracie Peterson]:

City of Angels (2001)

Angels Flight (2001)

Angel of Mercy (2002)

Kathleen Shannon continues her legal career in early 20th century Los Angeles, California, in the Trials of Kit Shannon trilogy with a Christian theme:

A Greater Glory (2003)

A Higher Justice (2003)

A Certain Truth (2004)

Ty Buchanan, a young lawyer whose fiancée has been killed, in Los Angeles, California:

Try Dying (2007)

Try Darkness (2008)

Try Fear (2009)

Non-series Christian thrillers:

Circumstantial Evidence (1997)

Final Witness (1999)

Blind Justice (2000)

The Nephilim Seed (2001)

Deadlock (2002)

Breach of Promise (2004)

Glimpses of Paradise (2005)

Sins of the Fathers (2005)

Presumed Guilty (2006)

No Legal Grounds (2007)

The Whole Truth (2008)

Deceived (2009)

Romeo’s Way (2016)
2017 Thriller Award for Best eBook Original

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