Josephine Bell
Doris Bell Collier Ball
Dr. David Wintringham, Inspector Steven Mitchell of Scotland Yard, and barrister Claude Warrington-Reeve (as noted), in England:

Murder in Hospital (1937)

Death on the Borough Council (1937)

Fall Over Cliff (1938)

The Port of London Murders1 (1938)

Death at Half-Term (1939)
APA: Curtain Call for a Corpse (1965)

From Natural Causes2 (1939)

All Is Vanity2 (1940)

Death at the Medical Board2 (1944)

Death in Clairvoyance (1949)

The Summer School Mystery (1950)

Bones in the Barrow (1953)

The China Roundabout (1956)
APA: Murder on the Merry-Go-Round (1965)

The Seeing Eye (1958)

Easy Prey3 (1959)

A Well-Known Face3 (1960)

A Flat Tyre in Fulham3 (1963)
APA: Fiasco in Fulham (1963)
APA: Room for a Body (1964)

Dr. Henry Frost, in England:

The Upfold Witch (1964)

Death on the Reserve (1966)

Amy Tupper, an amateur sleuth in London, England:

Wolf! Wolf! (1979)

A Question of Inheritance (1980)


Trouble at Wrekin Farm (1942)

The Backing Winds (1951)

To Let, Furnished (1952)
APA: Stranger on a Cliff (1964)

Fires at Fairlawn (1954)

Death in Retirement (1956)

Double Doom (1957)

The House Above the River (1959)

New People at the Hollies (1961)

Adventure with Crime (1962)

The Hunter and the Trapped (1963)

The Alien (1964)

No Escape (1965)

The Catalyst (1966)

Death of a Con Man (1968)

The Fennister Affair (1969)

The Wilberforce Legacy (1969)

A Hydra with Six Heads (1970)

A Hole in The Ground (1971)

Death of a Poison-Tongue (1972)

A Pigeon Among the Cats (1974)

Victim (1975)

The Trouble in Hunter Ward (1976)

Such a Nice Client (1977)
APA: A Stroke of Death (1977)

A Swan-Song Betrayed (1978)
APA: Treachery in Type (1980)

The Innocent (1982)
APA: A Deadly Place To Stay (1983)

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