Laurien Berenson
Melanie Travis, a special education teacher who shows her standard poodles in dog shows, in Connecticut:

A Pedigree To Die For (1995)

Underdog (1996)

Dog Eat Dog (1996)

Hair of the Dog (1997)

Watchdog (1998)

Hush Puppy (1999)

Unleashed (2000)

Once Bitten (2001)

Hot Dog (2002)

Best in Show (2003)

Jingle Bell Bark (2004)

Raining Cats and Dogs (2005)

Chow Down (2006)

Hounded to Death (2007)

Doggie Day Care Murder (2008)

Gone with the Woof (2013)

Death of a Dog Whisperer (2014)

The Bark Before Christmas (2015)

Live and Let Growl (2016)

Murder at the Puppy Fest (2017)

Wagging through the Snow (2017)

Ruff Justice (2018)

Bite Club (2019)

Here Comes Santa Paws (2019)

Game of Bones (2020)

Howloween Murder (2020)

Pup Fiction (2021)

Show Me the Bunny (2022)

Killer Cupid (2022)

Peg Turnbull, a dog show judge, and her sister-in-law Rose Donovan, a former nun married to a former priest, in Greenwich, Connecticut, in the Senior Sleuths mysteries:

Rose and Peg Solve a Murder (2022)

Peg and Rose Stir Up Trouble (2023)


Night Cries (1992)

Deep Cover (1994)

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