Claudia Bishop
Mary Stanton
Sarah Quilliam, an inn owner, and Meg Quilliam, a chef, in Hemlock Falls, New York:

A Taste for Murder1 (1994)

A Dash of Death1 (1995)

A Pinch of Poison2 (1995)

Murder Well-Done2 (1996)

Death Dines Out (1997)

A Touch of the Grape (1998)

A Steak in Murder (1999)

Marinade for Murder (2000)

Just Desserts (2002)

Fried by Jury (2003)

A Puree of Poison (2003)

Buried by Breakfast (2004)

A Dinner To Die For (2006)

Ground to a Halt (2007)

A Carol for a Corpse (2007)

Toast Mortem (2010)

Dread on Arrival (2012)

A Fete Worse Than Death (2013)

Austin McKenzie, a veterinarian, and his wife Madeline, in Trumansburg in upstate New York:

The Case of the Roasted Onion (2006)

The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey (2007)

The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat (2008)

Written as Mary Stanton (real name)
Brianna Winston-Beaufort, a lawyer who inherits a haunted law firm, in Savannah, Georgia, in the Beaufort & Co. series:

Defending Angels (2008)

Angel’s Advocate (2009)

Avenging Angels (2010)

Angel’s Verdict (2011)

Angel Condemned (2011)

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