Campbell Black

Assassins and Victims (1969)

The Punctual Rape (1970)

Death’s Head (1972)

Asterisk Destiny1 (1978)
APA: Asterisk (1992)
[written as Campbell Armstrong]

Brainfire1 (1979)

The Homing (1980)
[written as Jeffrey Campbell, joint pseudonym with Jeffrey Caine]

Dressed To Kill (1980)
[movie novelization, written with Brian De Palma]

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
[movie novelization]

Mr. Apology (1984)

Letters from the Dead (1985)

The Piper (1986)

The Wanting (1986)

The Trader’s Wife (1997)
[originally written as T.C. Black or Thomas Weldon]

The Surgeon’s Daughter (1998)
[originally written as Thomas Weldon]

Written as Campbell Armstrong
Frank Pagan, a detective from Special Branch, Scotland Yard, in London, England, combating international spies and terrorists:

Jig (1987)

Mazurka (1988)
APA: White Light (1988)

Mambo (1990)

Jigsaw (1994)

Heat (1996)

Written as Campbell Armstrong
Lou Perlman, a Jewish police detective, in Glasgow, Scotland:

The Bad Fire (2001)

The Last Darkness (2002)

White Rage (2004)

Butcher (2006)

Written as Campbell Armstrong

Agents of Darkness (1991)

A Concert of Ghosts (1992)

Silencer (1997)

Blackout (1998)

Deadline (2000)

Written as Thomas Altman

Kiss Daddy Goodbye (1980)

The True Bride (1982)

Black Christmas (1983)

Dark Places (1984)

The Intruder (1985)

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