Jay Bonansinga
Ulysses Grove, an FBI profiler and author of a textbook on the psychopathic mind, based in northern Virginia:

Frozen (2005)

Twisted (2006)

Shattered (2007)
Finalist 2008 Thriller Award for Best Paperback

Perfect Victim (2008)

Oswald Means, a small-time Chicago hit man haunted by the ghosts of his former kills who tries to redeem himself by saving as many lives as he took:

Saint Oswald (due April 21, 2021)


Non-series mystery, suspense, and horror:

The Black Mariah (1994)

Sick (1995)

The Killer’s Game (1997)

Head Case (1998)

Bloodhound (1999)

Oblivion (2000)

The Sleep Police (2001)

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