Michael Brett
Sam Dakkers, a bookie in New York City [written as Mike Brett]:

Scream Street (1959)

The Guilty Bystander (1959)

Pete McGrath, a wise-cracking private investigator in New York City:

Kill Him Quickly, It’s Raining (1966)

An Ear for Murder (1967)

The Flight of the Stiff (1967)

Turn Blue, You Murderers (1967)

We, the Killers (1967)

Dead, Upstairs in the Tub (1967)

Slit My Throat, Gently (1968)

Lie a Little, Die a Little (1968)
APA: Cry Uncle! (1971) [movie tie-in]

Another Day, Another Stiff (1968)

Death of a Hippie (1968)


Toma (1974)
[TV show novelization written with David Toma]

Jungle (1976)

Diamond Kill (1977)

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