Fredric Brown
Ed Hunter, a young Chicago teenager, and his uncle Ambrose Hunter, a carny worker:

The Fabulous Clipjoint1, 2 (1946)
1948 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

The Dead Ringer2 (1948)

The Bloody Moonlight2 (1949)
APA: Murder in the Moonlight (1950)

Compliments of a Fiend2 (1950)

Death Has Many Doors (1951)

The Late Lamented (1959)

Mrs. Murphy’s Underpants (1963)


Murder Can Be Fun (1948)
[expanded from The Santa Claus Murders, in Detective Story Oct. 1942]
APA: A Plot for Murder (1949)

The Screaming Mimi (1949)

Here Comes a Candle (1950)

Night of the Jabberwock (1950)

The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches (1951)
[new ed. (1985) includes 1951 novella and unfinished novel version]

The Far Cry (1951)

The Deep End (1952)

We All Killed Grandma (1952)

Madball (1953)

Mostly Murder: Eighteen Stories (1953) [SS]

His Name Was Death (1954)

The Wench Is Dead (1955)

The Lenient Beast (1956)

One for the Road (1958)
[first published in shortened version as “The Army Waggoner Murder” in The Saint]

Knock Three-One-Two (1959)

The Murderers (1961)

Nightmares and Geezenstacks: 47 Stories (1961) [SS]

The Five-Day Nightmare (1962)

The Shaggy Dog and Other Murders (1963) [SS]

Carnival of Crime: The Best Mystery Stories of Fredric Brown (1985) [SS]

Homicide Sanitarium (1984) [SS]

Before She Kills (1984) [SS]

Madman’s Holiday (1985) [SS]

The Freak Show Murders (1985) [SS]

Thirty Corpses Every Thursday (1986) [SS]

Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter (1986) [SS]

Red is the Hue of Hell (1986) [SS]

Sex Life on the Planet Mars (1986) [SS]

Brother Monster (1987) [SS and unfinished novel]

Nightmare in Darkness (1987) [SS]

Who Was That Blonde I Saw You Kill Last Night? (1988) [SS]

Three-Corpse Parlay (1988) [SS]

Selling Death Short (1988) [SS]

Whispering Death (1989) [SS]

Happy Ending (1990) [SS, includes nonfiction]

The Gibbering Night (1991)

The Pickled Punks (1991)

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