Rita Mae Brown
Mary Minor Haristeen, a postmistress and her cat, Mrs. Murphy, in Crozet, Virginia:

Wish You Were Here1 (1990)

Rest in Pieces1 (1992)

Murder at Monticello1 (1994)

Pay Dirt2 (1995)

Murder, She Meowed2 (1997)

Murder on the Prowl2 (1998)

Cat on the Scent3 (1999)

Pawing Through the Past3 (2000)

Claws and Effect3 (2000)

Catch As Cat Can (2002)

The Tail of the Tip-Off (2003)

Whisker of Evil (2004)

Cat’s Eyewitness (2005)

Sour Puss (2006)

Puss ’n Cahoots (2007)

The Purrfect Murder (2008)

Santa Clawed (2008)

Cat of the Century (2010)

Hiss of Death (2011)

The Big Cat Nap: The 20th Anniversary Mrs. Murphy Mystery (2012)

The Litter of the Law (2013)

Nine Lives To Die (2014)

Tail Gait (2015)

Tall Tail (2016)

A Hiss Before Dying (2017)

Probable Claws (2018)

Whiskers in the Dark (2019)

Furmidable Foes (2020)

Claws for Alarm (2021)

“Sister” Jane Arnold, the 70-year-old Master of the Fox Hunt, in Virginia:

Outfoxed (2000)

Hotspur (2002)

Full Cry (2003)

The Hunt Ball (2005)

The Hounds and the Fury (2006)

The Tell-tale Horse (2007)

Hounded to Death (2008)

Fox Tracks (2012)

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (2014)

Crazy Like a Fox (2017)

Homeward Hound (2018)

Scarlet Fever (2019)

Out of Hounds (2021)

Mags (Magdalene) Rogers, a former Wall Street banker moving from New York City with her dachshund Baxter, to her great aunt Jeep Reed’s Wings Ranch near Reno, Nevada:

A Nose for Justice (2010)

Murder Unleashed (2011)


Southern Discomfort (1983)

Sudden Death (1984)

Sneaky Pie for President (2012)

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