Leo Bruce
Rupert Croft-Cooke
Sergeant Beef, a beer-and-darts-loving common man in England:

Case for Three Detectives (1936)

Case Without a Corpse (1937)

Case with Four Clowns (1939)

Case with No Conclusion (1939)

Case with Ropes and Rings (1940)

Case for Sergeant Beef (1947)

Neck and Neck (1951)

Cold Blood (1952)

Carolus Deene, an ex-commando turned schoolmaster, in England:

At Death’s Door (1955)

Death for a Ducat (1956)

Death of a Cold (1956)

Dead Man’s Shoes (1958)

A Louse for the Hangman (1958)

Our Jubilee Is Death (1959)

Furious Old Women (1960)

Jack on the Gallows Tree (1960)

Die All, Die Merrily (1961)

A Bone and a Hank of Hair (1961)

Nothing Like Blood (1962)

Such Is Death (1963)
APA: Crack of Doom (1963)

Death in Albert Park (1964)

Death at Hallows End (1965)

Death on the Black Sands (1966)

Death of a Commuter (1967)

Death at St. Asprey’s School (1967)

Death on Romney Marsh (1968)

Death with Blue Ribbon (1969)

Death on Allhallowe’en (1970)

Death by the Lake (1971)

Death in the Middle Watch (1974)

Death of a Bovver Boy (1974)


Release the Lions (1933)

Murder in Miniature: The Short Stories of Leo Bruce (1993) [SS from 1950-56]

Written as Rupert Croft-Cooke

Pharaoh and His Waggons and Other Stories (1937) [SS]

Seven Thunders (1955)

Thief (1960)

Clash by Night (1962)

Paper Albatross (1965)

Three in a Cell (1968)

Nasty Piece of Work (1973)


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