Judith Campbell
Rev. Olympia Brown, a college chaplain and amateur sleuth, and her colleague, Father Jim Sawicki, in southeast Massachusetts:

A Deadly Mission (2010)

An Unspeakable Mission (2011)

A Despicable Mission (2012)

An Unholy Mission (2012)

A Predatory Mission (2013)

An Improper English Mission (2014)

A Singular Mission (2014)

A Twisted Mission (2015) [prequel]

An Unseaworthy Mission (2015)

The Mission That Rocked Olde Plimoth (2016)

Christmas in Crisis (2017)

The Tangled Web (2019)

Sin of the Father (2020)

Viridienne Greene, a lanky fiber artist and amateur sleuth, in Plymouth, Massachusetts:

Forgery in Red (2018)

Silent Night … Deadly Night (2019)

Paper Trail (2020)

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