Robert Campbell
Robert Wright Campbell
Jimmy Flannery, sewer inspector and Democratic precinct captain in Chicago, Illinois:

The Junkyard Dog1 (1986)
1987 Edgar Award for Best Paperback
1987 Anthony Award for Best Paperback

The 600-Pound Gorilla1 (1987)

Hip-Deep in Alligators1 (1987)

Thinning the Turkey Herd (1988)

The Cat’s Meow (1988)

Nibbled to Death by Ducks (1989)

The Gift Horse’s Mouth (1990)

In a Pig’s Eye (1991)

Sauce for the Goose (1995)

The Lion’s Share (1996)

Pigeon Pie (1999)

Jake Hatch, railroad detective in the USA:

Plugged Nickel (1988)

Red Cent (1989)

Whistler, a sentimental private eye in Hollywood, California:

In La-La Land We Trust (1986)
Finalist 1987 Shamus Award for Best Novel

Alice in La-La Land (1987)

Sweet La-La Land (1990)

The Wizard of La-La Land (1995)


The Tin Cop2 (1983)

Juice (1988)

Boneyards (1992)

Written as R. Wright Campbell

The Spy Who Sat and Waited (1975)

Circus Couronne (1977)

Killer of Kings (1979)

Malloy’s Subway (1981)

Fat Tuesday (1983)

Honor (1987)

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