P.M. Carlson
Marty Hopkins, a deputy sheriff in Nichols County, Indiana:

Gravestone (1993)

Bloodstream (1995)

Deathwind (2004)

Crossfire (2006)

Maggie Ryan, a statistician and professor, in New York City:

Audition for Murder (1985)

Murder Is Academic (1985)
Finalist 1986 Anthony Award for Best Paperback

Murder Is Pathological (1986)

Murder Unrenovated (1989)
Finalist 1989 Anthony Award for Best Paperback
Finalist 1989 Macavity Award for Best Novel

Rehearsal for Murder (1989)

Murder Misread (1990)

Murder in the Dog Days (1990)
Finalist 1992 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Bad Blood (1991)


Renowned Be Thy Grave (1998)


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