Carol Carnac
Edith Caroline Rivett
Inspector Ryvet, in England:

Triple Death (1936)

The Missing Rope (1937)

Murder at Mornington (1937)

When the Devil was Sick (1939)

The Case of the First-Class Carriage (1939)

Death in the Diving Pool (1940)

Chief Inspector Julian Rivers, in England:

A Double for Detection (1945)

The Striped Suitcase (1946)

Clue Sinister (1947)

Over the Garden Wall (1948)

Upstairs, Downstairs (1950)
APA: Upstairs and Downstairs (1950)

Copy for Crime (1950)

It’s Her Own Funeral (1951)

Crossed Skis (1952)

Murder as a Fine Art (1953)

A Policeman at the Door (1953)

Impact of Evidence (1954)

Murder Among Members (1955)

Rigging the Evidence (1955)

The Double Turn (1956)
APA: The Late Miss Trimming (1957)

Long Shadows (1958)
APA: Affair at Helen’s Court (1958)


The Burning Question (1957)

Death of a Lady Killer (1959)

Written as E.C.R. Lorac
Robert Macdonald, a London Scot, Inspector and later Superintendent, in England:

The Murder on the Burrows (1931)

The Affair at Thor’s Head (1932)

The Greenwell Mystery (1932)

Death on the Oxford Road (1933)

The Case of Colonel Marchand (1933)

Murder in St. John’s Wood (1934)

Murder in Chelsea (1934)

The Organ Speaks (1935)

Crime Counter Crime (1936)

A Pall for a Painter (1936)

Post After Post-Mortem (1936)

These Names Make Clues (1937)

Bats in the Belfry (1937)

The Devil and the C.I.D. (1938)

Slippery Staircase (1938)

Black Beadle (1939)

John Brown’s Body (1939)

Tryst for a Tragedy (1940)

Death at Dyke’s Corner (1940)

Case in the Clinic (1941)

Rope’s End, Rogue’s End (1942)

The Sixteenth Stair (1942)

Death Came Softly (1943)

Fell Murder (1944)

Checkmate to Murder (1944)

Murder by Matchlight (1945)

Fire in the Thatch (1946)

The Theft of the Iron Dogs (1946)
APA: Murderer’s Mistake (1947)

Relative to Poison (1947)

Death Before Dinner (1948)
APA: A Screen for Murder (1948)

Part for a Poisoner (1948)
APA: Place for a Poisoner (1949)

Still Waters (1949)

Policemen in the Precinct (1949)
APA: And Then Put Out the Light (1950)

Accident by Design (1950)

Murder of a Martinet (1951)
APA: I Could Murder Her (1951)

The Dog It Was That Died (1952)

Murder in the Mill-Race (1952)
APA: Speak Justly of the Dead (1953)

Crook O’Lune (1953)
APA: Shepherd’s Crook (1953)

Let Well Alone (1954)

Shroud of Darkness (1954)

Ask a Policeman (1955)

Murder in Vienna (1956)

Dangerous Domicile (1957)

Picture of Death (1957)

Murder on a Monument (1958)

Death in Triplicate (1958)
APA: People Will Talk (1958)

Dishonour Among Thieves (1959)
APA: The Last Escape (1959)

Written as E.C.R. Lorac

Death of an Author (1935)


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