Peter Chambers
Dennis John Andrew Phillips
Mark Preston, a private investigator in Monkton City, California:

Murder Is for Keeps (1961)

Wreath for a Redhead (1962)

The Big Goodbye (1962)

Dames Can Be Deadly (1963)

Down-Beat Kill (1963)

Lady, This Is Murder (1963)

This'll Kill You (1964)

Nobody Lives Forever (1964)

You're Better Off Dead (1965)

Always Take the Big Ones (1965)

No Gold When You Go (1966)

Don't Bother to Knock (1966)

The Bad Die Young (1967)

The Blonde Wore Black (1968)

No Peace for the Wicked (1968)

Speak Ill of the Dead (1968)

They Call It Murder (1973)

Somebody Has to Lose (1975)

The Deader They Fall (1979)

Lady, You're Killing Me (1979)

The Day of the Big Dollar (1979)

The Beautiful Golden Frame (1980)

Nothing Personal (1980)

The Deep Blue Cradle (1980)

A Long Time Dead (1981)

The Lady Who Never Was (1981)

Female - Handle with Care (1981)

Murder Is Its Own Reward (1982)

The Highly Explosive Case (1982)

A Miniature Murder Mystery (1982)

Jail Bait (1983)

Dragons Can Be Dangerous (1983)

Bomb Scare: Flight 147 (1984)

The Moving Picture Writes (1984)

The Vanishing Holes Murders (1985)

The Hot Money Caper (1992)


The Day the Thames Caught Fire (1989)

No Place for a Lady (1992)

Written as Peter Chester
Johnny Preston, a private investigator:

Killing Comes Easy (1958)

Murder Forestalled (1960)

The Pay-Grab Murders (1962)

Written as Peter Chester

Blueprint for Larceny (1964)

The Traitors (1964)

Written as Simon Challis

Death on a Quiet Beach (1968)

Written as Philip Daniels

Goldmine—London W.1 (1979)

The Scarred Man (1980)

The Nice Quiet Girl (1980)

Alibi of Guilt (1980)

Foolproof (1981)

Suspicious (1981)

The Inconvenient Corpse (1982)

A Genteel Little Murder (1982)

Nice Knight for Murder (1982)

The Dracula Murders (1986)

Cinderella Spy (1984)

Enquiries Are Proceeding (1986)

The Hunting of Mr. Gloves (1986)

Written as Dennis Philips [real name]:

Revenge Incorporated (1970)


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