Joyce Christmas
Betty Trenka, a retired office manager in Connecticut:

This Business Is Murder (1993)

Death at Face Value (1995)

Downsized to Death (1997)

Mood to Murder (1999)

A Better Class of Murder1 (2000)

Forged in Blood1 (2002)

Lady Margaret Priam, a British society lady living in New York City:

Suddenly in Her Sorbet (1988)

Simply To Die For (1989)

A F?te Worse Than Death (1990)

Friend or Faux (1991)

A Stunning Way To Die (1991)

It’s Her Funeral (1992)

A Perfect Day for Dying (1994)

Mourning Gloria (1996)

Going Out In Style (1998)

Dying Well (2000)


Hidden Assets2 (1981)

Blood Child (1982)

Dark Tide (1983)

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