Tom Clancy
Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst in Washington DC:

The Hunt for Red October (1984)

Patriot Games (1987)

The Cardinal of the Kremlin1 (1988)

Clear and Present Danger1 (1989

The Sum of All Fears1 (1991)

Debt of Honor1 (1994)

Executive Orders1 (1996)

The Bear and the Dragon1 (2000)

Red Rabbit (2002)

Command Authority (2013)
[written with Mark Greaney]

John Clark, an ex-Navy Seal, a black ops operative, and creator of an elite, international anti-terrorist group based in England:

Without Remorse (1993)

Rainbow Six (1998)

Jack Ryan Jr., and two cousins, fighting international miscreants:

The Teeth of the Tiger (2003)

Dead or Alive1 (2010)
[written with Grant Blackwood]

Locked On (2011)
[written with Mark Greaney]

Threat Vector (2012)
[written with Mark Greaney]

Under Fire (2015)
[written by Grant Blackwood]

Duty and Honor (2016)
[written by Grant Blackwood]

Point of Contact (2017)
[written by Mike Maden]

Line of Sight (2018)
[written by Mike Maden]

Enemy Contact (2019)
[written by Mike Maden]

Firing Point (2020)
[written by Mike Maden]

Target Acquired (2021)
[written by Don Bentley]

Max Moore, ex-Navy SEAL with the Special Activities Division of the CIA:

Against All Enemies (2011)
[written with Peter Telep]


Red Storm Rising (1986)
[written with Larry Bond]


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