Alys Clare
Elizabeth Harris
Abbess Helewise and Sir Josse d’Acquin, a French knight, at the Hawkenlye Abbey in England during the 12th century:

Fortune Like the Moon (1999)

Ashes of the Elements (2000)

The Tavern in the Morning (2000)

The Chatter of the Maidens (2001)

The Faithful Dead (2002)

A Dark Night Hidden (2003)

Whiter Than the Lily (2004)

Girl in a Red Tunic (2005)

Heart of Ice (2006)

The Enchanter’s Forest (2007)

The Paths of the Air (2008)

The Joys of My Life (2008)

The Rose of the World (2011)

The Song of the Nightingale (2012)

The Winter King (2013)

A Shadowed Evil (2015)

The Devil’s Cup (2017)

Lassair, a 14-year-old girl with special gifts training to be a healer in a Fenland village, in 11th century England, in the Aelf Fen mysteries:

Out of the Dawn Light (2009) [review]

Mist Over the Water (2009)

Music of the Distant Stars (2010)

The Way Between the Worlds (2011)

Land of The Silver Dragon (2013)

Blood of the South (2014)

The Night Wanderer (2016)

The Rufus Spy (2017)

City of Pearl (2019)

The Lammas Wild (2021)

Gabriel Taverner, a former ship’s surgeon trying to establish a medical practice in his home county of Devon, beginning in 1603:

A Rustle of Silk (2017)

The Angel in the Glass (2018) [review]

The Indigo Ghosts (2020)

Magic in the Weave (2022) [review]

Lily Raynor, owner of the private inquiry agency World’s End Bureau, beginning in 1880 London, England:

The Woman Who Spoke to Spirits (2019)

The Outcast Girls (2020)

The Man in the Shadows (2022)

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