Brian Cleeve
Sean Ryan, an ex-Irish revolutionary, recruited from prison to infiltrate groups whose plans threaten the security of England:

Vote X for Treason (1964)
APA: Counterspy (1966)

Dark Blood, Dark Terror (1965)

The Judas Goat (1966)
APA: Vice Isn’t Private (1966)

Violent Death of a Bitter Englishman (1967)


Birth of a Dark Soul (1953)
APA: The Night Winds (1954)

Assignment to Vengeance (1961)

Death of a Painted Lady (1962)

Death of a Wicked Servant (1963)

You Must Never Go Back (1968)

Exit from Prague (1970)
APA: Escape from Prague (1963)

Tread Softly in This Place (1972)

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