Richard Condon
Colin Huntington, a retired Royal Navy captain and compulsive gambler:

Arigato (1972)

Bandicoot (1977)

Charley Partanna, a gourmet cook and hit man for the Prizzi crime family, in New York City:

Prizzi’s Honor (1982)

Prizzi’s Family (1986)

Prizzi’s Glory (1988)

Prizzi’s Money (1994)


The Oldest Confession (1958)
APA: The Happy Thieves (1962)

The Manchurian Candidate (1959)

An Infinity of Mirrors (1964)

The Ecstasy Business (1967)

Mile High (1969)

The Star-Spangled Crunch (1974)

Winter Kills (1974)

The Whisper of the Axe (1976)

Death of a Politician (1978)

The Entwining (1980)

Emperor of America (1990)

The Final Addiction (1991)

The Venerable Bead (1992)

Other fiction:

Some Angry Angel: A Mid-Century Faerie Tale (1960)

A Talent for Loving: or, The Great Cowboy Race (1961)

Any God Will Do (1966)

The Vertical Smile (1971)

Money Is Love (1975)

The Abandoned Woman (1977)

A Trembling upon Rome (1983)

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