Sheila Connolly
Meg Corey, who takes over her mother’s colonial home and apple orchard, in fictional Granford, Massachusetts, in the Orchard mysteries:

One Bad Apple (2008)

Rotten to the Core (2009)

Red Delicious Death (2010)

A Killer Crop (2010)

Bitter Harvest (2011)

Sour Apples (2012)

Golden Malicious (2013)

Picked To Die (2014)

A Gala Event (2015)

Seeds of Deception (2016)

A Late Frost (2017)

Nipped in the Bud (2018)

Eleanor “Nell” Pratt, fundraiser for The Society for the Preservation of Pennsylvania Antiques, in the Museum mysteries:

Fundraising the Dead (2010)

Let’s Play Dead (2011)

Fire Engine Dead (2012)

Monument to the Dead (2013)

Razing the Dead (2014)

Privy to the Dead (2015)

Dead End Street (2016)

Digging Up History (2019)

Maura Donovan, fulfilling her grandmother’s wish by returning from Boston to the original family home in the small town of Leap, Ireland, in the County Cork mysteries:

Buried in a Bog (2013)

Scandal in Skibbereen (2014)

An Early Wake (2015)

A Turn for the Bad (2016)

Cruel Winter (2017)

Many a Twist (2018)

The Lost Traveller (2019)

Fatal Roots (2020)

Abby Kimball, who can see the dead, in New England, in the Relatively Dead mysteries:

Relatively Dead (2013)

Seeing the Dead (2014) [ebook]

Defending the Dead (2015) [ebook]

Watch for the Dead (2015) [ebook]

Search for the Dead (2016) [ebook]

Revealing the Dead (2018) [ebook]

Kate Hamilton, who plans to turn her hometown of Asheboro, Maryland, into a working Victorian town in the Victorian Village mysteries:

Murder at the Mansion (2018)

Killer in the Carriage House (2019)

The Secret Staircase (2021)

Non-series romantic suspense ebooks:

Once She Knew (2012)

An Open Book (2012) [novella]

Reunion with Death (2013)

Written as Sarah Atwell
Emmeline (Em) Dowell, a glassblower, in Tucson, Arizona, in the Glassblowing mysteries:

Through a Glass, Deadly (2008) [review]
Finalist 2008 Agatha Award for Best First Novel

Pane of Death (2008)

Snake in the Glass (2009)

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