Hy Conrad
Amy Abel, a shy, risk-averse woman, and her domineering mother Fanny, running a travel agency specializing in adventure, in the Amy’s Travel mysteries:

Rally ’Round the Corpse (2012)
APA: Toured to Death (2015)

Dearly Departed (2016)

Death on the Patagonian Express (2016)

Adrian Monk, an obsessive-compulsive police detective, in San Francisco, California, based on the Monk TV show:

Mr. Monk Helps Himself (2013)

Mr. Monk Gets on Board (2014)

Mr. Monk Is Open for Business (2014)

Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant (2015)

Crime puzzle books, juvenile and adult:

Almost Perfect Crimes: Mini-Mysteries for You To Solve (1995)

Whodunit — You Decide!: Mini-Mysteries for You To Solve (1996)

Almost Perfect Murders: Mini-Mysteries for You To Solve (1997)

Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries: Detective Club Puzzlers (1997) [written with Bob Peterson]

The Little Giant Book of Whodunits? (1998) [written with Matt LaFleur]

Whodunit Crime Puzzles1 (2002)

Whodunit Crime Mysteries1 (2003)

Classic Whodunits (2003) [written with Stanley Smith, Tom Bullimore, Derrick Niederman & Tatjana Mai-Wyss]

Mensa Whodunits (2004) [written with Bob Peterson & Bill Wise]

Historical Whodunits (2005)

Kids’ Whodunits: Catch the Clues!2 (2007)

Kids’ Whodunits 2: Crack the Cases!2 (2009)

Whodunits (2011) [written with Tom Bullimore , Stan Smith & Derrick Niederman]


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