Liv Constantine
Lynne Constantine [1960-] & Valerie Constantine [1947-]
Non-series thrillers:

The Veritas Deception (2016)
[written by Lynne Constantine]

The Last Mrs. Parrish (2017) [review]

The Last Time I Saw You (2019)
APA: The Last To Know (2019)

The Wife Stalker (2020)

The Stranger in the Mirror (2021)

The Senator’s Wife (2023)

The Next Mrs. Parrish (2024)
[sequel to The Last Mrs. Parrish]

Other fiction:
Circle Dance (2004, revised ed. 2012)
[written as Lynne Constantine & Valerie Constantine]
Written as L.C. Shaw (Lynne Constantine pseudonym)
Jack Logan, a New York City investigative journalist:

The Network (2019)

The Silent Conspiracy (2020)

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