S.H. Courtier
Sidney Hobson Courtier
Ambrose Mahon, a police inspector, later superintendent, in Australia:

The Glass Spear (1950)

One Cried Murder (1956)

Come Back to Murder (1957)

A Shroud for Unlac (1958)

Let the Man Die (1961)

A Corpse Won’t Sing (1964)

Mimic a Murderer (1964)

Digger Haig, a police inspector, in Australia:

Now Seek My Bones (1957)

Death in Dream Time (1959)

Swing High, Sweet Murder (1962)

The Ringnecker (1965)

A Corpse at Least (1966)

See Who’s Dying (1967)

No Obelisk for Emily (1970)

Non-series mostly set in Australia:

Gently Dust the Corpse (1960)
APA: Softly Dust the Corpse (1961)

Who Dies for Me? (1962)

Murder’s Burning (1967)

Ligny’s Lake (1971)

Some Village Borgia (1971)

Dead If I Remember (1972)

Listen to the Mocking Bird (1974)

Window in Chungking (1975)

Other fiction:

Gold for My Fair Lady (1951)

The Mudflat Million (1955)
[written with R.G. Campbell]

Into the Silence (1973)

The Smiling Trip (1975)

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