Jonathan Craig
Frank E. Smith
Pete Selby, an NYPD detective in the Sixth Precinct, New York City:

The Dead Darling (1955)

Morgue for Venus (1956)

Case of the Cold Coquette (1957)

The Case of the Beautiful Body (1957)

Case of the Petticoat Murder (1958)

Case of the Nervous Nude (1959)

Case of the Village Tramp (1959)

Case of the Laughing Virgin (1960)

Case of the Silent Stranger (1964)

Case of the Brazen Beauty (1966)


“Junkie!” (1952)
APA: Frenzy (1962)

Red-Headed Sinners (1953)

Alley Girl (1954)
APA: Renegade Cop (1959)

Come Night, Come Evil (1957)

So Young, So Wicked (1957)

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