Frances Crane
Frances Kirkwood Crane
Pat and Jean Abbott (née Holly, in first two books), a husband and wife team based in San Francisco, California, who roam the world seeking a vacation without murder:

The Turquoise Shop (1941)

The Golden Box (1942)

The Yellow Violet (1942)

The Pink Umbrella (1943)
APA: The Pink Umbrella Murder (1953)

The Applegreen Cat (1943)

The Amethyst Spectacles (1944)

The Indigo Necklace (1945)
APA: The Indigo Necklace Murders (1949)

The Cinnamon Murder (1946)

The Shocking Pink Hat (1946)

Murder on the Purple Water (1947)

Black Cypress (1948)

The Flying Red Horse (1949)

The Daffodil Blonde (1950)

Murder in Blue Street (1951)
APA: Death in the Blue Hour (1952)

The Polkadot Murder (1951)

Murder in Bright Red (1953)

13 White Tulips (1953)

The Coral Princess Murders (1954)

Death in Lilac Time (1955)

Horror on the Ruby X (1956)

The Ultraviolet Widow (1956)

The Man in Gray (1958)
APA: The Grey Stranger (1958)

The Buttercup Case (1959)

Death-Wish Green (1960)

The Amber Eyes (1962)

Body Beneath a Mandarin Tree (1965)


The Reluctant Sleuth (1961)

Three Days in Hong Kong (1965)

A Very Quiet Murder (1966)

Worse Than a Crime (1968)

Other fiction:

The Tennessee Poppy; or, Which Way Is Westminster Abbey? (1932)

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