Catherine Dain
Judith Garwood
Freddie O’Neal, a private investigator in Reno, Nevada:

Lay it on the Line (1992)
Finalist 1993 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

Sing a Song of Death (1993)

Walk a Crooked Mile (1994)

Lament for a Dead Cowboy (1994)
Finalist 1995 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

Bet Against the House (1995)

The Luck of the Draw (1996)

Dead Man’s Hand (1997)

Mariana Morgan, a psychic healer, in Los Angeles, California, in the New Age mysteries:

Angel in the Dark (1999)

Darkness at the Door (2001)

Faith Cassidy, an actress-turned-therapist, in Los Angeles, California:

Death of the Party (2000)

Follow The Murder (2003)

Finding Charity1 (2004) [novella]


Make Friends with Murder (1992) [written as Judith Garwood]

Dreams of Jeannie and Other Stories1 (2003) [SS]

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