Carroll John Daly
Race Williams, the original hard boiled private investigator, in New York City:

The Snarl of the Beast (1926)

The Hidden Hand (1929)

The Tag Murders (1930)

Tainted Power (1931)

The Third Murderer (1931)

The Amateur Murderer (1933)

Murder from the East (1935)

Better Corpses (1940)

The Adventures of Race Williams (1987) [SS]

Vee Brown, a private investigator who writes songs as Vivian Brown (his real name), in New York City:

Murder Won’t Wait (1933)

Emperor of Evil (1937)

Satan Hall, a police detective in New York City:

Death’s Juggler (1935)
APA: The Mystery of the Smoking Gun (1936)

Ready to Burn (1951)

The Adventures of Satan Hall (1988) [SS]


Two-Gun Gerta (1926) [written with C.C. Waddell]

The White Circle (1926)

The Man in the Shadows (1928)

Mr. Strang (1936)

The Legion of the Living Dead (1947)

Murder at Our House (1950)

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