Dorothy Salisbury Davis
Mrs. Norris, a Scottish housekeeper and amateur sleuth, and Jasper Tully, a DA investigator, in New York City:

Death of an Old Sinner (1957)

A Gentleman Called (1958)
Finalist 1959 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Old Sinners Never Die (1959)
Lieutenant Marks, a detective in New York City:

The Pale Betrayer (1965)
Finalist 1966 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Little Brothers (1973)

Julie Hayes, an actress turned gossip columnist and fortune teller, in New York City:

A Death in the Life (1976)

Scarlet Night (1980)

Lullaby of Murder (1984)

The Habit of Fear (1987)


The Judas Cat (1949)

The Clay Hand (1950)

A Gentle Murderer (1951)

A Town of Masks (1952)

Men of No Property (1956)

The Evening of the Good Samaritan (1961)

Black Sheep, White Lamb (1963)

Enemy and Brother (1967)

God Speed the Night (1968)
[with Jerome Ross]
Finalist 1969 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Where the Dark Streets Go (1969)
Finalist 1970 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Shock Wave (1972)

Tales for a Stormy Night: Collected Crime Stories [SS] (1984)

In the Still of the Night: Tales to Lock Your Doors By [SS] (2001)

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