Phillip DePoy
Flap Tucker, a finder of lost things, and a private investigator who uses meditation instead of a gun, in Atlanta, Georgia:

Easy1 (1997)

Too Easy1 (1998)
Finalist 1999 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

Easy as One, Two, Three (1999)

Dancing Made Easy (1999)

Dead Easy (2000)

Fever Devilin, a folklorist and native of the Georgia Appalachians:

The Devil’s Hearth (2003)

The Witch’s Grave (2004)

A Minister’s Ghost (2005)

A Widow’s Curse (2007)

The Drifter’s Wheel (2008)

A Corpse’s Nightmare (2011)

December’s Thorn (2013)

Foggy Moskowitz, a former car thief and amateur sleuth, working for Child Protective Services, in 1970s Florida:

Cold Florida (2015)

Three Shot Burst (2016)

Icepick (2018)

Sidewalk Saint (2019)

Sammy Two Shoes (2021)

Christopher Marlowe, the playwright, poet, and rake, serving as a secret agent for Queen Elizabeth, in 1580s England:

A Prisoner in Malta (2016)

The English Agent (2017)


The King James Conspiracy (2009)


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