David Dickinson
Lord Francis Powerscourt, an ex-Indian army intelligence officer and Irish peer, working as an investigator in the late Victorian period, in England and elsewhere:

Goodnight Sweet Prince (2001)

Death and the Jubilee (2003)

Death of an Old Master (2004)

Death of a Chancellor (2005)

Death Called to the Bar (2006)

Death on the Nevsky Prospekt (2006)

Death on the Holy Mountain (2008)

Death of a Pilgrim (2009)

Death of a Wine Merchant (2010)

Death in a Scarlet Coat (2011)

Death at the Jesus Hospital (2012)

Death of an Elgin Marble (2014)

Death Comes to the Ballets Russes (2015)

Death Comes to Lynchester Close (2016)

Death at Melrose Hall (2017)

Mycroft Holmes pastiches:

The Mycroft Holmes Casebook (2014) [ebook novellas & SS]

The Mycroft Holmes Omnibus (2014) [ebook, selection from Casebook)

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