Lauren Wright Douglas
Caitlin Reece, a lesbian private investigator, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada:

The Always Anonymous Beast (1987)

Ninth Life (1989)

The Daughters of Artemis (1991)
APA: Chasing the Shadow (1992)

A Tiger’s Heart (1992)

Goblin Market (1993)

A Rage of Maidens (1994)

Allison O’Neil, a lesbian Bed & Breakfast owner and refugee from California, in fictional Lavner Bay, Oregon:

Death at Lavender Bay (1996)

Swimming Cat Cove (1997)

Other fiction:

Osten’s Bay (1988)
[written as Zenobia N. Vole]

In the Blood (1989)

Written as Linda J. Wright
Kieran Yates, a former Crown Counsel now investigating crime against animals, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada:

Stolen (2018)

Sacrificed (2019)

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