Davis Dresser
Written as Brett Halliday
Mike Shayne, a red-headed hard-boiled private detective, in Miami, Florida:

Dividend on Death (1939)

The Private Practice of Michael Shayne (1940)

The Uncomplaining Corpses (1940)

Tickets for Death (1941)

Bodies Are Where You Find Them1 (1941)

The Corpse Came Calling1 (1942)
APA: The Case of the Walking Corpse (1043)

Murder Wears a Mummer’s Mask2 (1943)
APA: In a Deadly Vein (1956)

Blood on the Black Market2 (1943)
APA: Heads You Lose (rev’d 1958)

Michael Shayne’s Long Chance (1944)

Murder and the Married Virgin (1944)

Murder Is My Business (1945)

Marked for Murder (1945)

Blood on Biscayne Bay (1946)

Counterfeit Wife (1947)

Blood on the Stars (1948)
APA: Murder Is a Habit (1951)

Michael Shayne’s Triple Mystery (1945) [novellas3]

A Taste for Violence (1949)

Call for Mike Shayne (1949)

This Is It, Michael Shayne (1950)

Framed in Blood (1951)

What Really Happened (1951)

When Dorinda Dances (1952)

One Night With Nora (1953)
APA: The Lady Came by Night (1954)

She Woke to Darkness (1954)

Death Has Three Lives (1955)

Stranger in Town (1955)

The Blonde Cried Murder (1956)

Weep for a Blonde (1957)

Shoot the Works (1957)

Murder and the Wanton Bride (1958)

Written as Asa Baker
Jerry Burke, a detective:

Mum’s the Word for Murder (1938)

The Kissed Corpse (1939)

Written as Matthew Blood, with Ryerson Johnson
Morgan Wayne:

The Avenger (1952)

Death Is a Lovely Dame (1954)

Written as Hal Debrett, with wife, Kathleen Rollins

Before I Wake (1949)

A Lonely Way to Die (1950)

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