Brendan DuBois
Lewis Cole, a former Department of Defense research analyst, retired in Tyler Beach, New Hampshire:

Dead Sand (1994)

Black Tide (1995)

The Shattered Shell (1999)

Killer Waves (2002)

Buried Dreams (2004)

Primary Storm (2006)

Deadly Cove (2011)

Fatal Harbor (2014)

Blood Foam (2015)

Storm Cell (2016)

Hard Aground (2018)


Resurrection Day (1999)

Six Days (2001)

The Dark Snow and Other Mysteries (2001) [SS]

Tales from the Dark Woods (2002) [SS]

Betrayed (2003)

Final Winter (2006)

Dead of Night (2007)

Tales from The Dark Snow (2011) [ebook SS]
APA: Twilight (2007)

Death of a Gemini and Other Military Mysteries (2011) [ebook SS]

Blue and Gray Tales of Mystery (2012) [ebook SS, some criminous]

Stone Cold, Blood Red: N.H. Tales of Mystery (2013) [ebook SS]

The Hidden (2014) [ebook SS]

Night Road (2016)

The Negotiator (2018)

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