Dorothy Dunnett
Dorothy Halliday Dunnett
Johnson Johnson, a British agent and yachtsman on the “Dolly”1:

Dolly and the Singing Bird (1968)
APA: The Photogenic Soprano (1968)
APA: Rum Affair (1980)

Dolly and the Cookie Bird (1970)
APA: Murder in the Round (1970)
APA: Ibiza Surprise (1993)

Dolly the Doctor Bird (1971)
APA: Match for a Murderer (1971)
APA: Operation Nassau (1993)

Dolly and the Starry Bird (1973)
APA: Murder in Focus (1973)

Dolly and the Nanny Bird (1976)
APA: Split Code (1993)

Dolly and the Bird of Paradise (1983)
APA: Tropical Issue (1991)

Moroccan Traffic (1991)
APA: Send a Fax to the Casbah (1992)

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