Kate Dyer-Seeley
Meg Reed, an outdoor journalist for Northwest Extreme magazine, based in Portland, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest mysteries:

Scene of the Climb (2014)

Slayed on the Slopes (2015)

Silenced in the Surf (2016)

First Degree Mudder (2016)

In Cave Danger (2017)

Britta Johnston, leaving her deadbeat husband and dead-end job, now working at her aunt Elin’s floral boutique, Blooma, in Portland, Oregon, in the Rose City mysteries:

Natural Thorn Killer (2018)

Violet Tendencies (2018)

Written as Ellie Alexander

Juliet Capshaw, a recent culinary school graduate, returns to her hometown to heal a broken heart and help her mom at Torte, the family bakery, in Ashland, Oregon, in the Bakeshop mysteries:

Meet Your Baker (2014)

A Batter of Life and Death (2015)

On Thin Icing (2015)

Caught Bread Handed (2016)

Fudge and Jury (2017)

A Crime of Passion Fruit (2017)

Another One Bites the Crust (2018)

Till Death Do Us Tart (2018)

Live and Let Pie (2018)

A Cup of Holiday Fear (2019)

Nothing Bundt Trouble (2020)

Chilled to the Cone (2020)

Mocha, She Wrote (2021)

Sloan Krause, leaving the family brewery (and her cheating husband) to work for Nitro, a hip new brewery, in Leavenworth, Washington:

Death on Tap (2017)

The Pint of No Return (2018)

Beyond a Reasonable Stout (2019)

Without a Brew (2020)

The Cure For What Ales You (2021)

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