J.C. Eaton
Ann I. Goldfarb & James E. Clapp
Sophie “Phee” Kimball, a middle-aged single mom who moves from Minnesota, to help her mother Harriet Plunkett, as a private investigator, in Sun City, Arizona:

Booked 4 Murder (2017)

Ditched 4 Murder (2017)

Staged 4 Murder (2018)

Botched 4 Murder (2018)

Molded 4 Murder (2019)

Dressed Up 4 Murder (2020)

Broadcast 4 Murder (2020)

Railroaded 4 Murder (2021)

Saddled Up 4 Murder (2022)

Grilled 4 Murder (2022)

Strike Out 4 Murder (2023)

Norrie Ellington, a successful screenwriter in New York City, moves upstate to help in her family’s Two Witches Winery, in the town of Penn Yan, New York, in the Wine Trail mysteries:

A Riesling To Die (2018)

Chardonnayed To Rest (2018)

Pinot Red or Dead? (2019)

Sauvigone for Good (2019)

Divide and Concord (2020)

Death, Dismay and Rose (2020)

From Port to Rigor Morte (2021)

Mischief, Murder and Merlot (2022)

Marcie Rayner, a crime statistician in St. Paul, Minnesota, divorces her philandering husband and takes a temporary job as an investigative assistant in New Ulm, Minnesota:

Murder in the Crooked Eye Brewery (2018)

Murder at the Mystery Castle (2019)

Murder at Classy Kitchens (2021)

Katie Aubrey, a 30-something former business tech running a sandwich shop and catering business, and sharing her house with a ghost, in Cave Creek, Arizona, in the Charcuterie Shop mysteries:

Laid Out To Rest (2022)


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