E.X. Ferrars
Morna Doris MacTaggart Brown
Andrew Basnett, a retired professor of botany in England:

Something Wicked (1983)

Root of All Evil (1984)

The Crime and the Crystal (1985)

The Other Devil’s Name (1986)

A Murder Too Many (1988)

Smoke Without Fire (1990)

A Hobby of Murder (1994)

A Choice of Evils (1995)

Toby Dyke, a reporter in Devon, England:

Give a Corpse a Bad Name (1940)

Remove the Bodies (1940)
APA: Rehearsals for Murder (1941)

Murder of a Suicide (1941)
APA: Death in Botanist’s Bay (1941)

The Shape of a Stain (1942)
APA: Don’t Monkey with Murder (1942)

Your Neck in a Noose (1942)
APA: Neck in a Noose (1943)

Virginia Freer, a physiotherapist, and Felix Freer, a thief, in London, England:

Last Will and Testament (1978)

Frog in the Throat (1980)

Thinner Than Water (1981)

Death of a Minor Character (1983)

I Met Murder (1985)

Woman Slaughter (1989)

Sleep of the Unjust (1990)

Beware of the Dog (1992)


I, Said the Fly (1945)

Murder Among Friends (1946)
APA: Cheat the Hangman (1946)

With Murder in Mind (1948)

The March Hare Murders (1949)

Hunt the Tortoise (1950)

Milk of Human Kindness (1950)

The Clock That Wouldn’t Stop (1952)

Alibi for a Witch (1952)

Murder in Time (1953)

Enough to Kill a Horse (1954)

The Lying Voices (1954)

Murder Moves In (1956)
APA: Kill or Cure (1956)

Always Say Die (1956)
APA: We Haven’t Seen Her Lately (1956)

Count the Cost (1957)
APA: Unreasonable Doubt (1958)

Furnished for Murder (1957)

Depart This Life (1958)
APA: A Tale of Two Murders (1959)

Sleeping Dogs (1960)

Fear the Light (1960)

The Wandering Widows (1962)

The Busy Body (1962)
APA: Seeing Double (1962)

The Doubly Dead (1963)

The Decayed Gentlewoman (1963)
APA: A Legal Fiction (1964)

Ninth Life (1965)

No Peace for the Wicked (1966)

Zero at the Bone (1967)

The Swaying Pillars (1968)

Skeleton Staff (1969)

The Seven Sleepers (1970)

A Stranger and Afraid (1971)

Breath of Suspicion (1972)

Foot in the Grave (1972)

The Small World of Murder (1973)

Alive and Dead (1974)

Hanged Man’s House (1974)

The Cup and the Lip (1975)

Drowned Rat (1975)

Blood Flies Upwards (1976)

Murders Anonymous (1977)

The Pretty Pink Shroud (1977)

In at the Kill (1978)

Witness Before the Fact (1979)

Designs on Life (1980) [SS]

Experiment with Death (1981)

Skeleton in Search of a Cupboard (1982)
APA: Skeleton in Search of a Closet (1982)

Come and Be Killed (1987)

Trial by Fury (1989)

Danger from the Dead (1991)

Answer Came There None (1992)

Thy Brother Death (1993)

Seeing Is Believing (1994)

A Thief in the Night (1995)

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