Frances Fyfield
Frances Hegarty
Helen West, Crown Prosecutor in London, England:

A Question of Guilt (1988)
Finalist 1989 Agatha Award for Best First Novel
Finalist 1990 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Trial by Fire2 (1990)
Finalist 1990 Gold Dagger Award
APA: Not That Kind of Place (1990)

Deep Sleep1 (1991)
1991 Silver Dagger Award

Shadow Play1 (1992)

A Clear Conscience1 (1994)
Finalist 1994 Gold Dagger Award

Without Consent2 (1996)

Sarah Fortune, a lawyer in a prestigious firm in London England:

Shadows on the Mirror3 (1989)

Perfectly Pure and Good1 (1994)

Staring at the Light1 (1999)
Finalist 1999 Gold Dagger Award

Looking Down (2004)

Safer than Houses (2005)
Finalist 2006 Gold Dagger Award
APA: Playing With Fire (2014)

Cold to the Touch (2009)

Diana Porteous, a rich young widow and art collector, as well as a skilled thief, in London, England:

Gold Digger (2012)

Casting the First Stone (2013)

A Painted Smile (2015)


The Playroom4 (1991)

Half Light4 (1992)

Let’s Dance4 (1995)

Blind Date (1998)

Undercurrents (2000)

The Nature of the Beast (2001)

Seeking Sanctuary (2003)

The Art of Drowning (2006)

Blood from Stone (2008)
2008 Gold Dagger Award

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