Stephen Gallagher
Sebastian Becker, a former Pinkerton detective working as the special investigator for the Lord Chancellor’s Visitor in Lunacy, charged with determining sanity, in turn-of the-20th-century London:

The Kingdom of Bones (2007)

The Bedlam Detective (2012) [review]

The Authentic William James (2016)

Non-series suspense and thrillers:

Chimera (1982)

Valley of Lights (1987)

Oktober (1988)

Down River (1989)

Rain (1990)

The Boat House (1991)

Nightmare, with Angel (1992)

Red, Red Robin (1995)

White Bizango (2002)

Out of His Mind (2004) [SS]

The Spirit Box (2005)

The Painted Bride (2006)

Plots and Misadventures (2007) [SS]

Other fiction, science fiction, horror:

The Last Rose of Summer (1978)

Saturn 3 (1980)

Dying of Paradise (1982)
[written as Stephen Couper]

The Ice Belt (1983)
[written as Stephen Couper]

Follower (1984)

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