Anthony Gilbert
Lucy Beatrice Malleson
Scott Egerton, a politician:

The Tragedy at Freyne (1927)

The Murder of Mrs. Davenport (1928)

The Mystery of the Open Window (1929)

Death at Four Corners (1929)

The Night of the Fog (1930)

The Body on the Beam (1932)

The Long Shadow (1932)

The Musical Comedy Crime (1933)

An Old Lady Dies (1934)

The Man Who Was Too Clever (1935)

M. Dupuy:

The Man in Button Boots (1934)

Courtier to Death (1936)
APA: The Dover Train Mystery (1936)

Arthur G. Crook, a fat, beer-drinking Cockney barrister in London, England:

Murder by Experts (1936)

The Man Who Wasn’t There (1937)

Murder Has No Tongue (1937)

Treason in My Breast (1938)

The Clock in the Hatbox (1939)

The Bell of Death (1939)

Dear Dead Woman (1940)
APA: Death Takes a Redhead (1944)

The Vanishing Corpse (1941)
APA: She Vanished in the Dawn (1941)

The Woman in Red (1941)
APA: The Mystery of the Woman in Red (1944)

Something Nasty in the Woodshed (1942)
APA: Mystery in the Woodshed (1942)

The Case of the Tea-Cosy’s Aunt (1942)
APA: Death in the Blackout (1943)

The Mouse Who Wouldn’t Play Ball (1943)
APA: Thirty Days To Live (1944)

A Spy for Mr. Crook (1944)

The Scarlet Button (1944)
APA: Murder is Cheap (1949)

The Black Stage (1945)
APA: Murder Cheats the Bride (1948)

Don’t Open the Door (1945)
APA: Death Lifts the Latch (1946)

The Spinster’s Secret (1946)
APA: By Hook or by Crook (1947)

Death in the Wrong Room (1947)

Die in the Dark (1947)
APA: The Missing Widow (1948)

Lift Up the Lid (1948)
APA: The Innocent Bottle (1949)

Death Knocks Three Times (1949)

Murder Comes Home (1950)

A Nice Cup of Tea (1950)
APA: The Wrong Body (1951)

Lady-Killer (1951)

Miss Pinnegar Disappears (1952)
APA: A Case for Mr. Crook (1952)

Footsteps Behind Me (1953)
APA: Black Death (1953)
APA: Dark Death (1963)

Snake in the Grass (1954)
APA: Death Won’t Wait (1954)

A Question of Murder (1955)
APA: Is She Dead Too (1956)

Riddle of a Lady (1956)

And Death Came Too (1956)

Give Death a Name (1957)

Death Takes a Wife (1959)
APA: Death Casts a Long Shadow (1959)

Death Against the Clock (1958)

Third Crime Lucky (1959)
APA: Prelude to Murder (1959)

Out for the Kill (1960)

Uncertain Death (1961)

She Shall Die (1961)
APA: After the Verdict (1961)

No Dust in the Attic (1962)

Ring for a Noose (1963)

Knock, Knock, Who’s There? (1964)
APA: The Voice (1965)

The Fingerprint (1964)

Passenger to Nowhere (1965)

The Looking Glass Murder (1966)

The Visitor (1967)

Night Encounter (1968)
APA: Murder Anonymous (1968)

Missing from Her Home (1969)

Death Wears a Mask (1970)
APA: Mr. Crook Lifts the Mask (1970)

Tenant for the Tomb (1971)

Murder’s a Waiting Game (1972)

A Nice Little Killing (1974)


The Man Who Was London1 (1925)

The Sword of Harlequin1 (1927)

The Case Against Andrew Fane (1932)

Death in Fancy Dress (1933)

Portrait of a Murderer2 (1933)

There’s Always Tomorrow2 (1941)
APA: Home Is the Heart2 (1942)

He Came by Night (1944)
APA: Death at the Door (1945)

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