Michael Gilbert
Michael Francis Gilbert
Inspector Hazelrigg, a British police inspector in London, England:

Close Quarters (1947)

They Never Looked Inside (1948)
APA: He Didn’t Mind Danger (1949)

The Doors Open (1949)

Smallbone Deceased (1950)

Death Has Deep Roots (1951)

Fear To Tread (1953)

Luke Pagan and Joe Narrabone, metropolitan police who become British intelligence operatives, in London, England:

Ring of Terror (1995)

Into Battle (1997)

Over and Out (1998)

Patrick Petrella, a Spanish-English police inspector in London, England:

Blood and Judgement (1959) [SS]

Amateur in Violence1 (1973) [SS]

Petrella at Q (1977) [SS]

The Young Petrella1 (1988) [SS]

Roller Coaster (1993)

The Man Who Hated Banks and Other Mysteries1 (1997) [SS]

Calder and Behrens, country gentlemen serving as counterintelligence agents, in England:

Game Without Rules (1967) [SS]

Mr. Calder and Mr. Behrens (1982) [SS]


Death in Captivity (1952)
APA: The Danger Within (1952)

Sky High (1955)
APA: The Country-House Burglar (1955)

Be Shot for Sixpence (1956)

After the Fine Weather (1963)

The Crack in the Teacup (1966)
Finalist 1966 Gold Dagger Award

The Dust and the Heat (1967)
APA: Overdrive (1968)
Finalist 1968 Gold Dagger Award

The Etruscan Net (1960)
APA: The Family Tomb (1969)

Stay of Execution and Other Stories of Legal Practice (1971) [SS]

The Body of a Girl (1972)

The 92nd Tiger (1973)
APA: The Ninety-Second Tiger (1973)

Flash Point (1974)

The Night of the Twelfth (1976)

The Empty House (1979)

Death of a Favourite Girl (1980)
APA: The Killing of Katie Steelstock (1980)

The Final Throw (1982)
APA: End-Game (1982)

The Black Seraphim (1984)
Finalist 1983 Gold Dagger Award
Finalist 1985 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Long Journey Home (1985)

Trouble (1987)

Paint, Gold, and Blood (1989)

Anything for a Quiet Life [SS] (1990)

The Queen against Karl Mullen (1992)

The Curious Conspiracy and Other Crimes (2001)

The Mathematics of Murder (2002) [Fearne & Bracknell SS]

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