Heather Graham
Heather Graham Pozzessere
Donna Miro and Lorna Doria in Massachusetts and New York City:

Sensuous Angel (1985)

An Angel’s Share (1985)

The Flynn Brothers, private investigators inheriting a haunted mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Deadly Night (2008)

Deadly Harvest (2008)

Deadly Gift (2008)

The Bone Island Trilogy:

Ghost Shadow (2010)

Ghost Night (2010)

Ghost Moon (2010)

Kieran Finnegan, a criminal psychologist and co-owner of a pub, and Craig Frasier, an FBI agent, in New York City, in the New York Confidential romantic suspense series:

Flawless (2016)

A Perfect Obsession (2017)

A Dangerous Game (2018)

Non-series written with Jon Land:

The Rising (2017)


Non-series, some romantic suspense:

Drop Dead Gorgeous1 (1998)

Tall, Dark, and Deadly1 (1999)

Long, Lean, and Lethal1, 2 (2000)

Night of the Blackbird (2000)

Dying To Have Her1, 2 (2001)

Hurricane Bay1 (2002)

Picture Me Dead1 (2003)

Dead on the Dance Floor1 (2004)

The Presence1 (2004)

In the Dark (2004)

Killing Kelly2 (2005)

Ghost Walk (2005)

Suspicious (2005)

Kiss of Darkness (2006)

The Island (2006)

The Vision (2006)

Blood Red (2007)

The Seance (2007)

The Dead Room (2007)

The Last Noel (2007)

The Death Dealer (2008)
[sequel to The Dead Room]

The Killing Edge (2010)

The Keepers (2010)

Night of the Vampires (2010)

The Unseen (2012)

Danger in Numbers (2021)

Crimson Summer (2022)

Written as Heather Graham Pozzessere (real name):

Angel of Mercy (1988)
[part of Angel Hawk series]

Slow Burn3 (1994)

Eyes of Fire (1995)

For All of Her Life (1995

Down in New Orleans (1996)

If Looks Could Kill (1997)

Never Sleep with Strangers3 (1998)

Written as Shannon Drake
The Vampire series, mostly set in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Beneath a Blood Red Moon (1999)

When Darkness Falls (2000)

Deep Midnight (2001)

Realm of Shadows (2002)

The Awakening (2003)

Dead by Dusk (2005)

Written as Shannon Drake

Ondine (1988)

Emerald Embrace (1991)

Beguiled (2006)

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