Jean Hager
Mitch Bushyhead, police chief in Buckskin, Oklahoma:

The Grandfather Medicine (1989)

Night Walker (1990)

Ghostland (1992)

The Fire Carrier (1996)

Masked Dancers (1998)

Molly Bearpaw, major crimes investigator and advocate for the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma:

Ravenmocker (1992)

The Redbird’s Cry (1994)

Seven Black Stones (1995)

The Spirit Caller (1997)

Tess Darcy, a bed-and-breakfast owner in Victoria Springs, Missouri, in the Iris House mysteries:

Blooming Murder (1994)

Dead and Buried (1995)

Death on the Drunkard’s Path (1996)

The Last Noel (1997)

Sew Deadly (1998)

Weigh Dead (1999)

Bride and Doom (2000)

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