Cyril Hare
Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark
Inspector Mallett, in England:

Tenant for Death (1937)

Death Is No Sportsman (1938)

Suicide Excepted (1939)

Tragedy at Law1 (1942)

With a Bare Bodkin1 (1946)

He Should Have Died Hereafter1 (1958)
APA: Untimely Death (1958)

Francis Pettigrew, a down-and-out barrister in England:

When the Wind Blows (1949)
APA: The Wind Blows Death (1950)

That Yew Tree’s Shade (1954)
APA: Death Walks the Woods (1954)


An English Murder (1951)
APA: The Christmas Murder (1953)

Best Detective Stories (1958) [SS]
APA: Death Among Friends and Other Detective Stories (1984)

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