Lee Harris
Syrell Rogovin Leahy
Christine Bennett, an ex-nun and amateur sleuth, in New York City:

The Good Friday Murder (1992)
Finalist 1993 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

The Yom Kippur Murder (1992)

The Christening Day Murder (1993)

The St. Patrick’s Day Murder (1994)

The Christmas Night Murder (1994)

The Thanksgiving Day Murder (1995)

The Passover Murder (1996)

The Valentine’s Day Murder (1997)

The New Year’s Eve Murder (1997)

The Labor Day Murder (1998)

Father’s Day Murder (1999)

The Mother’s Day Murder (2000)

The April Fool’s Day Murder (2001)

The Happy Birthday Murder (2002)

The Bar Mitzvah Murder (2004)

The Silver Anniversary Murder (2005)

The Cinco de Mayo Murder (2006)

Jane Bauer, a 40-something police detective, in New York City, in the Manhattan mysteries:

Murder in Hell’s Kitchen (2003)

Murder in Alphabet City (2005)

Murder in Greenwich Village (2006)

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