Cora Harrison
Mara, a female judge and lawgiver appointed by King Turlough Donn O’Brien in the early 16th century, on the west coast of Ireland, in the Burren mysteries:

My Lady Judge (2007) [review]

Michaelmas Tribute (2008)
APA: A Secret and Unlawful Killing (2008)

The Sting of Justice (2009)

Writ in Stone (2009)

Eye of the Law (2010)

Scales of Retribution (2011)

Deed of Murder (2011)

Laws in Conflict (2012)

Chain of Evidence (2013)

The Cross of Vengeance (2013)

Verdict of the Court (2014)

Condemned to Death (2014)

A Fatal Inheritance (2015)

An Unjust Judge (2016)

Reverend Mother Aquinas, in 1920s Cork, Ireland:

A Shameful Murder (2015)

A Shocking Assassination (2016)

Beyond Absolution (2017)

A Gruesome Discovery (2017)

Death of a Novice (2018)

Murder at the Queen’s Old Castle (2019)

Death of a Prominent Citizen (2020)

Murder in an Orchard Cemetery (2021)

Murder in the Cathedral (2022)

The Deadly Weed (2023)

Hugh Mac Egan, a lawyer at Hampton Court during the reign of King Henry VIII:

The Cardinal’s Court (2017)


London Murder Mysteries, featuring Alfie and his gang in Victorian times, in a mystery series for children:

The Montgomery Murder (2010)

The Deadly Fire (2010)

Murder on Stage (2011)

Death of a Chimney Sweep (2011)

The Body in the Fog (2012)

Death in Devil’s Acre (2012)

Inspector Charles Field, Charles Dickens, and Wilkie Collins in Victorian London, in the Gaslight mysteries:

Season of Darkness (2019)

Winter of Dispair (2020)

Summer of Secrets (2021)

Spring of Hope (2022)

Murder in the Mist (2023)

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