Tim Heald
Simon Bognor, a special investigator with the Board of Trade, in London, England:

Unbecoming Habits1 (1973)
Finalist 1973 New Blood Dagger Award

Blue Blood Will Out1 (1974)

Deadline (1975)

Let Sleeping Dogs Die (1976)

Just Desserts (1977)

Murder at Moose Jaw (1981)

A Small Masterpiece (1982)
APA: Masterstroke (1982)

Red Herrings (1985)

Brought to Book (1988)

Business Unusual (1989)

Death in the Opening Chapter (2011)

Poison at the Pueblo (2012)

Tudor Cornwall, Reader in Criminal Studies at the University of Wessex, in England:

Death and the Visiting Fellow (2004)

Death and the D’Urbervilles (2005)


The Rigby File (1989) [SS edited by Tim Heald]
Finalist 1989 Last Laugh Dagger Award


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