Mark Hebden
John Harris
Colonel Mostyn, of Intelligence:

Mask of Violence (1970)

A Pride of Dolphins (1974)

The League of 89 (1977)

Evariste Clovis Désiré Pel, a Chief Inspector of the Brigade Criminelle of the Police Judiciaire, in Burgundy, France:

Death Set to Music (1979)
APA: Pel and the Parked Car (1995)

Pel and the Faceless Corpse (1979)

Pel Under Pressure (1980)

Pel Is Puzzled (1981)

Pel and the Staghound (1981)

Pel and the Bombers (1982)

Pel and the Predators (1984)

Pel and the Pirates (1984)

Pel and the Prowler (1985)

Pel and the Paris Mob (1986)

Pel Among the Pueblos (1987)

Pel and the Touch of Pitch (1988)

Pel and the Picture of Innocence (1988)

Pel and the Party Spirit (1989)

Pel and the Missing Persons (1990)

Pel and the Promised Land (1991)

Pel and the Sepulchre Job1 (1992)


What Changed Charley Farthing (1965)

Eyewitness (1966)

The Errant Knights (1968)

Portrait in a Dusty Frame (1969)
APA: Grave Journey (1970)

A Killer for the Chairman (1972)

The Dark Side of the Island (1973)

Written as John Harris (real name):

The Lonely Voyage (1951)

Hallelujah Corner (1952)

The Sea Shall Not Have Them (1953)
APA: The Undaunted (1953)

The Claws of Mercy (1955)

Getaway (1956)
APA: Close to the Wind (1956)

The Sleeping Mountain (1958)

Road to the Coast (1959)
APA: Adventure’s End (1959)

Sunset at Sheba (1960)

Covenant with Death (1961)

The Spring of Malice (1962)

The Unforgiving Wind (1963)

Vardy (1965)

The Cross of Lazzaro (1965)

The Old Trade of Killing (1966)

Light Cavalry Action (1967)

Right of Reply (1968)

The Mercenaries (1969)
APA: The Jade Wind (1969)

The Courtney Entry (1970)

The Mustering of the Hawks (1972)

A Kind of Courage (1972)

Smiling Willie and the Tiger (1974)

Ride Out the Storm (1975)

The Thirty Days’ War (1986)

China Seas (1987)

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